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Perry Reports: Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

In this report, Mr. Belcher discusses the exclusive and non-exclusive methods of developing a product or service.

Who is Perry Belcher?

See Focus Group Marketing - As a man of high net worth exceeding $48,000,000 (48 million), Perry Belcher operates with tremendous conviction and has experienced a lifetime of successes and failures. He's arrested, tamed, and mastered the art importing products from China, and has many companies in both the manufacturing and fulfillment realm as well as Internet businesses like Digital Markter. He is well known for the infamous "Perry Belcher Sales Letter" and has an extension career of success in both search engine optmization (SEO) and social media marketing. If you're interested in his wordpress blog there's some interesting material there, including more information about his Secret Selling System and why he plays around with political copywriting.

You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin, watch more of his videos or learn about and download the various PDF's that he's released on slideshare, and if you're smart, you'll learn as much as you can about the Perry Belcher TripWire concept.

The development of a product /service goes through various stages. First comes the initial design. Once the design has been completed, we see development and resources being allocated to get the product out of the design stage. With a completed offer in hand, we test the product and begin selling it through our marketing channels. The offering is selling well and there is well enough demand to sustain reasonable growth of the product/service for years. It’s at this stage where making the next logical step becomes difficult.  Traditional business models shows us that the product should now expand beyond the small niche.

perry belcher

You can choose to go through a retailer making it exclusive to only that chain or you can choose to build out your current operations. Both options aim to grow sales by expanding the current reach to more people. Expanding yourself gives you more flexibility of how you can grow and allows you to have everything under your terms. Growing through exclusive contracts is the fastest way to expand the product reach while giving you more room to work on other projects. Both have their features, however choosing one will force you to stay with that option until you reach another critical stage in the product/service development.   

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Locked contract?

Choosing one of these options will force you to commit to your decision. Signing an exclusivity deal will put you in a binding contract to distribute your products only through one retailer. As a result, choosing what retailer fits best with your offer is critical. Factors to consider when selecting a retailer should include size of the retailer and their ability to promote your offer. Choosing to expand on your own makes you dependent on your investment in the business. Since the investment was made in the business, you have to focus all effort into making your investment return a net gain for the business.  

perry belcher contracts

Eventually you can get out of these decisions once a few benchmarks have been achieved. Exclusivity contracts only last a few years and once they has expired, you can choose to use another retailer or focus all effort internally. If you have invested in your business, reaching a certain volume of sales or certain strategic goals will give you an opportunity to expand even further. To accomplish this goal you can choose to opt in to an exclusivity track since you have already made the necessary investments to allow the business to grow. As we will see later that each option has its distinct advantage, however once one of them have been enacted, you will have to devote all resources towards fulfilling one of them. Doing this will insure that you are not stretching yourself too thin.

Freedom and brand recognition?

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Both decisions carry distinct advantages and disadvantages, however both aim to grow the business. Dealing with a distributor or retailer will allow you to get your product to more customers in a shorter amount of time than doing it yourself. Most business owner would select this option since the majority of the cost of selling the product/service is carried by the company wanting to sell your product. Promoting a product/service is very costly. Costs like advertising, shipping, and production weigh heavily on the organization’s operating budget.

Having someone help sell the products/services will free money and time needed to promote the offer. Less constraints on your business will give you more time and resources to spend on operations like new product development to both improve and find new features to implement in your business. The downside to this approach is that the business selling your item will have control of how they position the offer. That is why it is important to know who is selling your product.

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You and the distributor need to have the same goals for the offer customers are getting. If there is any disconnect, the relationship will prove to be disastrous for both sides while generating lower sales than expected. Having the product stay exclusive to your store front lets the business build a better infrastructure over time. When everything is being managed in house, it is easier to identify problems early on in the product’s life cycle. Where partnering with someone had reduced the cost, running the operation by yourself will put pressure in terms of cost on the business. Costs will dictate the pressure to increase your price as the business takes off overtime.

Most of the revenue of the product will be reinvested in the organization to keep the production going smooth. As a result, growth will be slower since most resources are going to support operations rather than creating a new product. Choosing to do everything internally should be based around a team that can easily adapt and provide support to the business as it grows.

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