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At the recent SMX Advanced 2013 Conference, a group of SEO Service was asked several questions about search engine optimization and other aspects of Internet marketing. Their answers are enlightening for those who want to grow an Internet presence in the most cost-effective ways. As an SEO Company in Orange County, that hosts live SEO Workshops in Orange County, Ca these answers should shed light on some common questions you may have.

Panel Interview: SEO Experts

Q: Should you spend time on Google+ if your target audience is not using it?
A: Google+ is only going to grow in importance, so it is an investment on which time and money can safely be spent. While Google+ does not have a great track record, it has corrected its problems and is now growing at a good pace.

Q: How should I deal with syndicated content?
A: Incorporate canonicalization requirements in your syndication agreements. Due to lack of automation, these agreements are currently difficult to enforce. However, it is worth the time and effort to prepare for the future by creating these agreements.

Q: Is the job of SEO ever done?
A: Remember that when your job in SEO is done, your competitionís has begun. Staying vigilant and keeping content fresh is a never-ending job.

Q: What is the biggest SEO mistake people make?
A: Staying locked in the present rather than planning for the future, as well as too great a reliance on tools.

Q: How important is it to date website pages?
A: Dates are indicators of curation. Evergreen content should still be dated so that SEO analysts can tell how long the page has been there and refresh it periodically.

Q: What are the most important things that SEO analysts should consider when improving their strategies?
A: First, check the link profile, find the weakest link and fix it. Next, make use of both Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Tools.

These are the most comprehensive ways to work on your real SEO issues and fix them. Next, consider your mobile design. It must be responsive and must support user experience in order to be effective. Next, never offer generic products or services, and ensure content, social, user experience and links are all in line with acceptable standards. Finally, avoid black hat tactics and be sure to consider social media use when planning an SEO campaign. Social media and mobile design are the fastest-growing areas of SEO work and should take up a great deal of an analystís time.