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Orange County SEO on Hypertext Markup Language

Orange County SEO specializes in coding standards for search engine optimization. The code used to create web pages, make them work, and give them individuality is known as “hypertext markup language,” or HTML.  Search engines look at HTML to pick up signals they use to rank your webpage.  Here are some HTML tags, or sequences of code, that you should pay attention to when designing your web pages.

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HTML Title Tag

Search engines identify pages by title tags.  In some ways, these tags are much like the titles of books.  They enable search engines to distinguish one page from another, just as you use book titles to distinguish one from another. Orange County SEO.

By the same logic, your title tags should be descriptive.  While a one-word book title, such as Roots, may be identifiable because of its popularity, in general book titles are more than one word and give you an idea of the contents.  Would you rather read a book called Mystery or a book called Murder at the Vicarage?  The latter title makes it much more likely you have an idea what the book is about.

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HTML titles are the most important of the HTML signals you send to search engines.  A poor title will definitely lower your rankings, while a good title can help you climb in the search engine’s value. SEO in Orange County.

To pick a good Orange County SEO title tag, think about what the page is for.  Your keywords can give you a clue.  “Patterns for Easter Egg Decoration” is a much more descriptive title than “Easter Eggs” and will give you better search results.

Meta Description Tags

Meta descriptions do not directly impact your search rankings, but they do determine how your page is displayed in the rankings themselves.  A meta tag helps you engage readers and earn clicks that will impact your rankings.

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While you are developing title tags, think about your meta tags, as well.  This factor also bleeds into site architecture, where the way your pages are set up have an impact on your rankings.

Header Tags

Moving down the organizational chart, header tags are the next subsection of tags.  They identify the key sections of a web page.  Putting keywords in header tags can help your rankings, but more importantly they help your readers determine that this is a page they want to view.

However, you can overdo it when it comes to text in header tags.  Not only are whole paragraphs inappropriate in header tags, but they also will not boost search engine rankings.  Furthermore, readers quickly become confused and leave your page if they cannot categorize information easily.  Keep your header tags clean, short, to the point, and hinge them on keywords that guide your readers into the sections of the page you want them to view.  Think of these tags, both at the H1 and H2 level, as blueprints for your page or signposts that guide readers to important sections of text.  Properly used, header tags will cause a natural rise in rankings because they will draw people to your pages—and keep them there.