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Orange County SEO Principle on Site Configurations for SEO

Overall site architecture is crucial in your plan to help your SEO efforts. The right site structure gains you search engine ranking “points” while the wrong structure ensures you will stay at the bottom of the list. There are several factors in your site architecture that you must examine immediately if you want to get and keep high search engine rankings. Ignore these factors, and your other SEO efforts may well be wasted.

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Site Crawlability

Some of the terms related to search engines can be confusing, so convention dictates the use of analogous terms—in the case of the World Wide Web, “spider” references.

Search engines “crawl” websites on the “web” in this parlance. In fact, the robotic scanners used to perform this task are actually called “spiders.” What this means in reality is that the search engines use robotic, fast-acting scanners that quickly scan millions of lines of text looking for certain parameters, terms and other factors. These scanners literally scan and make copies of your pages to go into an index that lists all pages available on the web.

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Theoretically, someone could block these scanners from finding pages. In fact, that is done all the time for sensitive or private material. However, if you have a business or a web page you want to promote, the last thing you want to do is accidentally “hide” your page from the search engine crawlers.

When the crawlers index your web pages, they are available for those who look for keywords. The spiders flip open the book, pull out the relevant pages, and stack them in front of the user. That is what a search really is—a stack of pages that have been pulled from the giant index of possible choices and ranked for relevancy.

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There are not many ways you can accidentally hide your page from the search engine crawlers, but using JavaScript or Flash might inhibit their view of your site. Both of these programs can cause pages to be hidden or even keywords, making your page less valuable.

One way to ensure your pages are not hidden is to create a sitemap. A properly-executed site map makes your website crawler-friendly, and therefore user-friendly.

Site Speed

The sites that download quickly are ranked higher by Google than those that download slowly. Google values speed in web pages, so the speed at which your site downloads will definitely have an effect on your rankings. This factor alone does not guarantee success but it can be something that brings you down when compared to other sites, all other things being equal.

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Are Your URLs Descriptive?

While not a major factor, your URL name can help your ranking prospects. If you are able to add descriptive keywords into your page names, it makes sense to do so. What is more likely than a quick rise in search engine rankings due to your URLs, however, is a quick rise due to your users’ appreciation of short, descriptive URLs that invite them to explore pages.