Roland Frasier Reports: Usability

Any business owner understands the importance of usability. From the first time a customer accesses the software to the time they log out, users are navigating through your platform. Even if the business is still heavily based in the physical space, the customer’s use of the system needs to be flawless. If the platform is filled with multiple problems ranging from purchasing an item or finding an item, your business will suffer. It’s for this very reason that being able to navigate the system is imperative. To insure and prevent problems from arising, you will need to test your system. An excellent presentation, found on Conversion Rate Experts, highlights a few key steps that need to be followed. The first being that the designer is the key figure to blame behind a usability problem. Second being that any initial testing needs to be done by yourself.  The final important point is being able to take comments from users and not be afraid to test. These three points are excellent for anyone wanting to truly improve their system.


It’s not you, it’s me
Before starting any sort of testing it’s important to understand who’s responsible for problems in the usability. The presentation points out that the most profitable model assigns the designer as the person who is responsible for the system. Intuitively this would make sense. The designer is the individual who creates the system for the user to navigate. When customers have a difficult time navigating through the process, the designer must insure the users can easily access what they need. The other view emphasizes the user as the problem. The error of this way of thinking is that it assumes the system is designed perfectly. No system is ever perfect, regardless of how many times it has been reworked. Putting blame on users also forces the designers in a defensive stance. Designers defending themselves will ignore all criticism including good points of improvement since they might assume that all customers who cannot use the system must be incompetent to a certain degree. Having designers take the blame puts them in a position where they must look at their design objectively. Objective style thinking allows for better improvement due to biases being removed in evaluating the system. Designers who are thinking openly will create more effective systems which will be more profitable in the long-run. As a result, having the designer take the blame is a more profitable model.

Me First
Before you test on visitors or customers, you need to first test the system on yourself. Testing the system puts you in the user’s perspective. For many business owners this is an eye-opening experience. Most of us never put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Often times we make decisions from the top down and overlook choices the affect the entire user experience. Putting ourselves through this test makes us aware of all issues users go through. As suggested by the presentation, you should record yourself while doing the test. Recording the experience will provide a good learning tool moving forward. Not only can you monitor the test, but you can refer back to observations made in the test. Knowing the issues before you start testing on your visitors and customers will help you understand the concerns that are brought up.  Competitors do not do these types of tests. Doing these tests will give you a tremendous advantage since you will know your customers better than your competition does. This will create a competitive advantage for your business/organization. As a result, doing this type of test will give you more benefits than any other test will.

Orange County SEO

SEO Orange County

Knowing your customers and yourself
Once you have started testing on other variables like visitors and customers, you need to apply those recommendations. When you start receiving feedback from your tests there will be many criticisms from users. A lot of negativity can cause doubt in many marketers. This can be often overwhelming for business users who have not faced a lot of harsh criticism. Business owners will question their abilities to get the job accomplished. As noted in the video, being able to take the criticism and learn from it should be motivation enough to be able to not doubt your abilities. On the opposite side of the spectrum it’s also important to actively listen to feedback rather than ignore it. If we are not doubting ourselves, we are often protecting our self-esteem by deflecting feedback. Many times customer feedback gives insight into things we may not have thought of. As a result we should be listening to every point that is made and not have it affect our ability to understand it. There will still be the case of a few customers who will hate the interface regardless of what changes occur. These type of customers want the perfect experience found with other competitors. You will need to focus on the core group of users who matter and they will be part of your customer base. Focusing your efforts on this group will guarantee that your investment will yield results.

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Orange County SEO Training Workshop Seminar Report: Models and Trends

We are taught in school never to copy somebody’s work or claim credit for work that others do. Yet in business people are trying to copy the success of industry leaders. In fact, we reinforce this notion by telling people to do these simple things or face being left behind. Whether it is in a blog, video, or training course, we are trained to copy a formulaic approach to achieve success. The few who do venture off these formulas are treated as the exception than the rule. They are recognized for their ingenuity, but anyone using a similar approach is viewed as a clone. The truth is that using ideas and principals from business models is a necessity. There is only so many times we can reinvent the wheel. We need to instead look at how models work and modify them to produce an entirely new idea.
Mix and Match
Innovation does not necessarily come from creating new things, but rather from bringing different principals together. A current mega trend has been using social media and integrating it within your company operations. The most popular blogs will tell you what you need to do to achieve this and tell you how to grow those social media tools. Blogs often forget to mention that other traditional sources like TV and TV are still important to any marketing strategy. Social media is vital to establishing a constant channel for communication. Social media is a big market, but the TV and Radio space are still enormous markets that have big reach. Any marketing plan should utilize all marketing channels to get the most amount of exposure for their main offer. If we are to accept the model being discussed in many marketing blogs, we would only be using our resources partially effectively.
Using multiple channels is far more effective since it allows you to diversify your audience and gives you more flexibility in messaging. There are principals explained in social media that do relate to traditional media. Formats you choose need to be meaningful and have an impact on the audience. Good marketing sources will highlight the importance of generating a meaningful introduction through your headings and language you use. In the same way, if you are using TV and Radio ads, you need to establish important introductions in the first few seconds since the ads limit you to the amount of time on air. In this way lessons learned in improving your social media can also be used in marketing channels like radio, news publications, and television. Combining concepts to improve issues not often discussed prove to be winning formulas. To best use this approach we need to look at big trends. There are many trends that are currently happening in the marketing space. Topics such as automation, optimization, social media, and ads on mobile are all big trends that often go in industry talks. Being able to apply these topics into areas often forgotten can bring a revolutionary idea that nobody would have thought of.

Beyond just being able to find a theory that may prove to work outside its typical association, finding practical uses is important. Practical uses are not just limited to products and services we use every day.  Finding uses in accessibility and usability are also highly valued. It’s for these very reason why software and interface innovations have become so increasingly influential. As we simplify tasks into multipurpose devices, the need to make navigating through these devices becomes increasingly important. An average person will have a smartphone, tablet, and other devices that will do various tasks very differently. Being able to find innovations that make these devices interact more easily while being able to fully use all the power of the device will be a big determinant of success. The practical applications play a part in getting that connection established.
Where finding ideas is based on theories, creating ideas is a way to connect these fields relying on practical applications. One example of this idea has been the smart watch development. Smart watches act as miniature PDAs that have a wide array of functions. This device can act as a GPS, cell phone, music player, heart rate measure, and other functions. The reason why this type of device has been so popular is that it puts everything in an interface that can be accessed while moving or going somewhere. It’s the very same reason why smartphones have become so prominent when they were first introduced. Simple additions make the device appealing and practical since the device has more functions than other watches. In our field we should look at this model for enhancing devices as a trend that will perpetuate the physical product market. The key in this process is to find ways to connect things we do daily and add them to a device that is a natural fit. Adding these features not only provides value, it also attributes a unique fit to the product.

Check us out to find out more:

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Become a Mobile Spy to Catch Cheating Husbands and Wives

If you’ve ever wondered how to catch a cheater, welcome: meet StealthGenie, the most powerful cell phone spy and tracking application available. StealthGenie offers a number of innovative features and runs invisibly on the target phone, letting you keep tabs on your spouse without their knowledge.
Stealth Genie
You may have seen signs of cheating in your life, but you’re not sure. Your husband’s been staying late at work lately, and is too tired to spend any time with you. Your wife keeps going out on “nights with the girls”, even though she doesn’t have any close friends. Don’t let your suspicions get the best of you — get the evidence you need for peace of mind with the powerful StealthGenie app!
What is StealthGenie?
StealthGenie is a powerful application that works on:
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
The app works on any phone service provider, too. Once installed, it runs invisibly in the background, completely undetectable to the phone’s user. StealthGenie gives you complete control over the target phone, allowing you to spy on calls, view email messages and texts, and many other monitoring features.
What can StealthGenie do?
Stealth Genie
When it is installed on the target phone, StealthGenie gives you the ability to:
  • Track GPS location
  • Listen in to live phone calls
  • Read emails and text messages
  • View multimedia files like photos and videos
  • Peek in on Facebook and Skype messages
And so much more!  It’s like having your own personal detective and spy rolled into one. Once StealthGenie is installed, you don’t even need access to it to take advantage of all the powerful features. Simply log in to your online StealthGenie user area and see what’s been going on. It really is that simple and powerful.
StealthGenie users have access to our highly-regarded 24/7 Customer Support, which can help with issues regarding the app and how to set the software up, transfer the app between phones, and more.
Does StealthGenie really work?
Join over 100,000 other satisfied StealthGenie users who have installed the app. StealthGenie has been featured on Forbes, BBC, Mashable, and SFGate, in addition to positive reviews on many other websites. Our own website offers customer testimonials from a number of our clients. Take a look for yourself and see what others are saying about our incredibly powerful application.
Stealth Genie
Still skeptical? Try out our free live demo to see for yourself how the interface works — letting you try all the powerful tools StealthGenie offers right at your fingertips. You’ll be amazed at how easy to use the interface is, and marvel at the dozens of monitoring tools StealthGenie provides.
Finally, we’re so convinced you’ll love the incredible spying powers of StealthGenie that if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.
Download StealthGenie today:
What is there to lose?  Download StealthGenie today and start keeping tabs on your partner right away.  With a huge array of compatible devices, award-winning customer service, and the most powerful spying tools in the business, StealthGenie is the right monitoring solution for you!
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Pearls for the Bride

As we mentioned earlier, some of the most ancient records relating to the Earl Darr found in India.  Long after the Romans were enjoying pearls, the Pearl was held in high esteem in India.  Pearls are mentioned often in ancient Hindu writings, in this sacred texts known as the Vedas.  These provide some of the earliest mentions of girls associated with longevity, prosperity and preservation of life.  Here the word krisana appears — almost 3000 years ago — translated as “Pearl.”  Here we also find the story of Krishna, the preserver (notice the similarity to the word krisana).  And here, also, we find perhaps the oldest written mention of pearls in association with weddings. We are told how Krishna brought for pearls from the depths of the sea to give to his daughter on her wedding day.  And what a better illustration of the pearls great value.  The Hindu story is perhaps the earliest mention of pearls and marriage… and the start of a centuries old tradition of pearls as the appropriate adornment of the bride!

The ancient Greeks also thought that pearls should be a part of the wedding experience, believing that they would help ensure marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying; pearls were considered “the wedding gem”.  During the period of the Crusades, we find that pearls were the gift of many a gallant knight returning from the Middle East, bestowed upon his “Fair Lady” for her wedding day.  By the 14th and 15th centuries, pearls and love were inseparable, and some believed that they would bring love; pearls were at the height of “wedding fashion” with royal weddings in the House of Burgundy taking place in a veritable “sea of pearls.”  Distort all accounts document that virtually everyone from the bride herself to her male guests were adorned in glistening pearls.

From Queen Elizabeth I to our modern Queen Elizabeth II, the tradition has continued through the centuries.  At the beginning of the 20th century, pearls were as much a nuptial gem in the in the United States as diamonds are today; pearls accounted for over 75% of jewelry sales in the US at the turn of the century.  Today, the tradition of bestowing pearls upon the bride for a wedding day, often by the father of the bride, or by the groom himself, continues as it has for hundreds of years.  And what better symbol for the bridal couple: the Pearl, like love, takes time to grow, and it must survive unforeseen difficulties and challenges if it is to become something rare and beautiful.

black pearls

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Pearls – Virgin Mary

Pearls are also closely associated with the Virgin Mary in Jesus.  Early Christian writings refer to Jesus as “the great Pearl” brought forth by Mary.  As the most valuable of all things known at that time, a more highly revered, more highly valued image could not have been found.

By the sixth century, the allure of the Pearl is undiminished.  According to Islamic mystics, Pearl was the first creation of God, and for Muslims the Pearl is a special gift to the world from God.  For this reason, Muslims hold a natural black pearls in very high regard and often avoid cultured pearls altogether.

We find the great prophet Mohammed commenting on the pearls beauty and value in the wonderful imagery to used in the Koran, the sacred book of Islam.  For Mohamed’s followers, it would not have been possible to imagine greater rewards than those he describes to followers of Islam when describing Paradise: “the stones are pearls jacinths; the fruits of the trees are pearls and emeralds; and each person admitted to the delights of the celestial Kingdom is provided with a tent of black pearls, jacinths, and emeralds; is crowned with pearls of incomparable luster, and is attended by beautiful maidens resembling hidden pearls.”  Today, Muslims around the world continue to value black pearls highly, and find pearls ranked among their most cherished possessions.

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