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Everything You Need to Know About Adya Clarity

Adya Clarity is water purfication solution for cleansing drinking water of toxins. Are you familiar with this product? If yes, then you already know how it works and why you need to use it. For those who are not aware of this product, you are free to read the succeeding Q & A’s to expand your ideas.

What is Adya Clarity?

Living ionic mineral water which can be consumed by anyone in the world who aims to stay healthy and free from several kinds of harmful diseases forever. It’s rich in several kinds of minerals that can cleanse and keep the body of a person strong and free from toxic chemicals at all times. The water that this brand name can distribute in the international market nowadays also contains a very essential element which is well known in the field of Science nowadays as the macro-ionic as in plant nutrition.

What are the Most Common Benefits of Adya Clarity?

Incomparable to the ordinary distilled water. It contains several kinds of minerals and essential elements that can keep the body of a person protected from several kinds of health issues for several years. First of all, it increases the amount of oxygen in the different parts of the body of a person who will consume it regularly. Second, it provides all the necessary nutrients that a human body must acquire as the time passes by to stay strong and healthy. Lastly, it keeps that body of a person dehydrated for several hours compared to ordinary water. This water has been proven effective and reliable when it comes to the process of preventing the signs of hyperacidity in the body of a person.

water purification

How Are Contaminants Neutralized With Black Mica?

Water contaminants are neutralized into two major steps – deposition and agglutination. The process is called deposition when you add the minerals to water and immediately a process starts by which the oxygen in the water is altered in activated oxygen. Then, the activated oxygen burns up unseen contaminants allowing them visible and water filterable. On the other hand, the water contaminants which have been made noticeable through the deposition process runs through the process of agglutination. This method is the gathering up of the contaminants.

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Can Adya Clarity Treat The Water in My Well?

Yes. It is effective for treating your well. If you treat your well at once, you have to install an inline water filter that can be cleaned through changing on a cyclic basic. When the minerals are added to the well water, agglutination process will occur. This is the reason why you would prefer to filter all the water before it is used in the house. If not, some of the agglutination will appear to the faucets.

Why Do I Need to Use Black Mica to Purify Water?

Minerals like (black mica) are always mixed elements. The key to good minerals is a perfect relationship between the mixed elements. The ionic mineral solution will always search for the best combinations. In case the minerals are mixed in a less than optimum way, its bond can be instantly broken.

This product has one of the most constant combinations of minerals. When it encounters bad mineral combinations, they are broken up and better relationships are created. The stable ionic sulphate minerals force unbalanced mineral bonds to broken and recombine.

adya clarity water solutions

Is Cloudiness Natural When Adding Black Mica Into Water?

When adding black mica into water, you may have spotted a cloudiness appearance. This is often the precipitation of the water contaminants that exist in the water. The potent magnetic forces of the minerals have attracted these contaminants and plod them together into evident particles. These “plodded” particles are heavier compared to water and become sedimentary. This solution has the ability to allow the water molecule clusters to lessen their size by half. As a smaller water cluster, the water noxious wastes have less room of which to fasten themselves to the water. Then, they are forced to fall out of solution.

water purification black mica

What is the Exact Amount of Black Mica is Needed to Purify Water?

The amount of minerals required to purify water depends on the quality of water being treated. It also depends on how many noxious wastes like carbon wastes and bacteria. When treating municipal water, you need one teaspoon to treat 1.3 gallons of water. This rate also applies for identical fresh water sources like spring water or well water. If the water source is very contaminated, accurate laboratory analysis is needed to give precise dilution rates.

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