Adya Clarity Interview with Brian Clement & Matt Bakos

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Adya Clarity Interview & Important Information

Amazing interview with Matt Bakos and Brian Clement regarding Adya Clarity

Adya Clarity helps purify water by removing heavy minerals and elements we can't digest. After an in-depth scientific study at the Hippocrates Health Institute, Dr. Brian Clement speaks out about his stunning results, and debunks the negative misinformation publicized about these minerals.

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What Makes Adya Clarity Special?

It is different from mineralized water. It has several kinds of amazing benefits to offer in the daily dietary needs of a person compared to ordinary distilled water. The product comes with a set of Adya minerals that are scientifically proven effective when it comes to the process of eliminating all the supplies of metals and carbon-based wastes in the composition of water. The Adya minerals that were provided in the composition of this product are also reliable when it comes to the process removing all the supplies of chlorine and anaerobic bacteria in water.

How Do I Make Purified Water?

It’s impossible to produce the purified water without the ordinary distilled water. In other words, the water filtration system is part of the process of producing several amounts. The type of filtration system which must be used in the process of producing several amount is a gravity-fed water filtration system. The filtration system needs to be provided with sufficient amounts of Adya minerals to make sure that it will be able to produce several amounts of water.

Where to Purchase Adya Clarity?

It is very popular already in the different parts of the globe nowadays due to the amazing health benefits that it has successfully provided in the bodies of those individuals who have already tried to consume it before. It’s always available in the online market and ready to be purchased by those individuals who want to stay healthy in this world for the rest of their lives.

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Is it Good to Refrigerate Once Its Container Has Been Opened?

There’s no need to refrigerate it even if its container is already open. It might affect the performance of product. It’s not advisable to place this product in a place which is always surrounded with a very low level of temperature. Just leave it in a place that’s totally free and inaccessible for sunlight every day.

Is it True that Heat Can Affect These Minerals Negatively?

Heat and warm temperature can never affect the quality. Such things can never change the composition of this water for the minerals and essential elements that were provided in its composition do not react with sunlight and heat. But still, it is important to keep the product away from heat and sunlight every day especially if its container is made of plastic. It’s too dangerous to expose this product to heat for several hours while in a plastic container for the harmful chemicals that are present in its container might combine to its original composition.

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Is it Normal to See a Cloudy Mixture When It Has Been Mixed to a Glass of Water?

Yes, it’s normal. The cloudy mixture serves as a result of the reaction of the ordinary water. This situation simply shows that the unwanted substances that are present in the composition of the water which was provided in the drinking glass are already disappearing because of the essential elements and minerals that are available in the liquid solution. The cloudy mixture serves as a sign that the product has successfully reacted to the unhealthy composition of water. Just wait for the cloudy mixture to disappear. After a few minutes, it will be safe already to consume the water which was provided in the drinking glass.

Is it Safe to Use Adya Clarity in a Water Filtration System?

It is water solution that can help people to produce several amounts of clean and fresh water in their houses. It works more efficiently when it comes to the process of eliminating all the unwanted substances that are present in dead water which is also known as ordinary distilled water. Of course, it can be used in a water filtration system while aiming to produce a healthy supply of water to drink while eating and resting. However, the most recommended type of water filtration system to use with this product is a gravity-fed water filtration system.

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Is it True That Purified Water Tastes Good?

The answer is yes. It is not an ordinary water solution. It does not only make water clean and fresh for the consumers. It also enhances the taste of the water where it has been mixed successfully. The main reason why that product has successfully gained the ability to enhance the taste of water is the presence of essential elements and minerals in amazing formula. It’s the best water solution to use at all times while aiming to produce fresh water to consume.

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Your Key for Safe and Healthy Drinking Water

Drinking a few glasses of water is a must for all. However, some are not aware if they are drinking safe water or not. If you want to drink safe and healthy water, you might benefit from this solution. To know more about this product, here are the top Q&A’s you need to know:

How Can Adya Clarity Make Your Water Healthy and Safe to Drink?

It can easily help in providing healthy and safe drinking water. Experts claim that it reduces chlorine, anaerobic bacteria, sodium fluoride, THM’s and other carbon-based contaminants. It also eliminates heavy metals like lead and mercury. To easily remove any contaminants, it is best to use it with a gravity fed filtration system. This method eliminates particulates made from the separation method resulting from adding this product to water.

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Why You Need to Use Black Mica?

Since it comes from Black Mica its from nature. Mica is needed for two reasons – to restore our Earth to balance and to clean up our Earth of toxins. This method is happening continuously in fresh bodies of water, including the oceans. Through this, Mica is the source of minerals for our watercourses which makes Mica as one of the most essential resources for having clean water.

This product has magnetic sulphate minerals that provide the elements needed for optimum cellular function. It also helps in purifying, structuring and optimizing any water. With this, it is easy for you to reduce chlorine, petrochemicals, fluoride, plastics, solvents, pathogens and heavy metals.

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Can This Product Improve the Taste of Your Water?

Having been recognized in the water industry, it has the power to enhance the taste of the water. Like good water that has the best minerals, it tastes great and guarantees activated oxygen in the water. Most users of this product find that when they mix their reverse osmosis or extremely filtered water with this water solution, the water tastes refreshing and more balanced.

What are the Sizes of Minerals?

At present, there are three sizes. First is the two ounce travel size bottle which can transform up to 15 gallons of water. It means that it is equivalent to one month supply for the average person. Another size is the 16 ounce which will transform at least 150 gallons of water. The last size is the 32 ounce. This can be transformed more or less 250 to 300 gallons.

What are the Other Uses of Black Mica Adya Clarity? How Effective It Is?

Apart from drinking, it is perfect for animals, plants, cooking, aquaculture and agricultural productions. This product uses one of the most powerful forces in nature – magnetism. You don’t need to understand what the substance is, this product is always there to fight the battle.

Before spotting any contaminants, invisible noxious wastes become insoluble, noticeable contaminants. Through this, muddy water can now be made lucid. Like others, you can add this to your emergency kits. Thus, you don’t need to worry on how to store water because this product able to clarity the water you have instantly.